Navy Recruitment

The Australian Navy is in need of highly skilled and qualified individuals who have the strength of character, the will power and the heart and soul to be a public servant. Navy recruitment is open right now to both locally based personnel and aspiring Navy men from overseas.

All about Navy recruitment

The Australian Navy is a division of the Australian Defence Department. While the Army involves military forces on land and the Air Force with trained personnel for air defence, the Navy ensures the protection of the country against offensives on the sea or water. The Navy plays an important role in securing the people and territories of the country. For this reason, the efforts of the Australian Defence Department is geared toward strengthening the forces behind the Navy. Navy recruitment aims to employ trained professionals who can meet the ideals of this institution.

What Navy recruitment has to offer

Navy recruitment benefits: good pay and benefits

As part of the Navy, you can get highly competitive salaries based on the following factors: your value or worth as a member of the Australian navy, how long you have served the navy and your rank. Wage rates are usually higher than the average employee in Australia. Aside from good wage rates, you also get recognition and prestige from what you do.

Navy recruitment benefits: incentives and other services

The Navy also offers benefits in the form of generous leave packages, medical and dental insurances, travel entitlements and home owners' assistance.

Navy recruitment benefits: quality training,

Navy recruitment not only recruite trained professionals on the field but also help Navy members a more experienced officer. Training is based on the following classifications: sailors' training, navy officers' trainin, and on going navy training. There are also training programs available for those who intend to be part of the Navy Reserve.

Navy recruitment benefits: prestige
Gain the opportunity to be part of the elite submarine service and the real sea patrol.

How to apply for Australian Navy recruitment

To apply for Australian Navy recruitment, the easiest way is to log on to the Australian Defence website and inquire. Chances are, you will be prompted to sign up for a Defence Jobs Profile. Creating a profile would also allow you to access news, competitions and other important information about the Navy recruitment.

The official site will also provide information on overseas Navy recruitment, including its list of qualifications and procedures. Check the criteria for Navy recruitment eligibility. Through successful Navy recruitment, you can be one of the following: Navy officer, Navy engineer, Navy medical support staff, Navy frontliner, combatant, and security, Navy communications technologist, or Navy trainer.

Employment News

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